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Baldness 1 Bolton 0

by | 3rd, November 2004

‘WHEN Michael Bolton begins to talk about the three most important women in his life, we wonder who they can be.

Hair yesterday, gone today

And then we look at some publicity shots of Bolton in his 1980s heyday and realise that they must be, in no order of importance, his hairdresser, his hair permer and his hair walker

But looking at Hello!’s shot of Bolton as he is today we see a stunning development – Michael’s hair has walked off.

There is some growth atop that famous head, but it’s all short, neat and oh-so modern.

It would be easy to take the blondish man with the dark suit for an estate agent or regional bank manager. But this IS Bolton, the man who made millions of poodles sit up and beg.

But rather than look at Bolton as he has become, let’s take a gander at his massive mansion in Connecticut.

”The villa’s a little Tuscan,” says he. ”The furniture is mostly Old English with some Italian and French.” And the overall effect is undeniably American.

But what you might take to be an enormous house full of a mishmash of styles – with a mural on the wall to make the lobby look like a scene from a Midsummer Night’s Dream meets Up Pompeii – is to Bolton just ”home”.

It’s where his heart is, and those three important women in his life – his daughters – are.

Where his hair went to, we are unsure.

But if you see it, please tell us and we’ll make sure that it’s returned to the singer. Who knows, you may even get a reward…’

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