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A Musical Crime

by | 4th, November 2004

‘GOOD to see that while the other papers stick their snub noses in the air and talk about foreign politics, the Sun sticks to the issues that truly matter to its readers and leads with: “WILL YOUNG BURGLED.”

Mrs Henderson Presents

The Sun has taken a leaf out of George Bush’s big-print book and continued talking to its audience in a language the folks can understand.

In a turbulent world, things are kept reassuringly simple as we read how thieves have stolen what they always steal from budding pop stars – their laptop computer.

And, as is the way with these things, the burglars who broke into Will’s London home, now find themselves in possession of lyrics and unpublished songs.

“The big fear,” says a source close to the “sick to the stomach” singer is that “they will end up on the internet if they fall into the wrong hands.”

But this is not all, because those of you used to hearing about burglaries from a celebrity’s house will know that the villains always – always! – nick embarrassing pictures of the violated star.

And poor Will is no exception, because along with his missing laptop and designer suits worth £30,000, the lowlifes took “intimate photos” of our singer.

The shots to be on the lookout for – should you be offered them in a pub or pay-per-view website – show Will wearing a dress and a long blue wig and pouting at the camera.

And, er, that’s it. Will is alone in these scandalous shots. He is not pictured seated alongside a mysterious naked man, a famous sexy women or a hungry looking pet.

But still this is all very, very embarrassing for the singer who is deeply upset, nay traumatised, that the pictures taken on the set of his forthcoming film Mrs Henderson Presents – that’s Mrs Henderson Presents – are now at large.

Hanging really is too good for some people – and some pictures…’

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