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by | 5th, November 2004

‘IT’S evident from looking at the number of men reading this while dressed in their lovers’ knickers that David Beckham is a fashion leader.


Where Dave goes, the rest of British mankind follows like a salivating pack of obedient dogs.

So today get ready to load up your bags and head for the Hollywood hills because the Star says that our Day-vid and the singing pencil he’s married to are ready to emigrate.

”Becks has been told he has a future in Hollywood,” says Her Poshness. ”He wants to go out on a high – and what better time than after winning the 2006 World Cup in Germany?”

It’s a nice idea, but surely Dave should only leave to start playing for the Hollywood Hotspurs once Posh has secured the No.1 solo hit she so ardently craves.

And since that looks less likely than her calling her unborn child Rebecca or being voted Slimmer of the Year, off they will jolly well go.

However, the Beckhams will not be alone – the Mail reports that thousands of us are contemplating making a new life abroad.

Just last year, 191,000 Britons emigrated, the largest number to have done so since records began.

And the trend is on the rise, with last year’s numbers more than 30,000 up on the 2001 figure.

This migration has been a boon to estate agents in Spain, the top destination for British sun seekers – and, not so coincidentally, the place David Beckham now calls home.

But while the Mail delivers the facts, the Express looks at its scales and notes that, according to the Office for National Statistics, during the same past 12 months, the number of new arrivals landing on these gilded shores touched 513,000.

And, in the mind of the paper that worries about such things, ”this country simply cannot cope with immigration on such a scale”.

Why is not stated, but the Express should worry less – when the Beckhams head west in two years’ time, this land will soon be emptier than Posh’s supermarket shopping trolley.’

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