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No Great Shakes

by | 5th, November 2004

‘INSIDE every Jono Coleman there are a Brian McPudding, Robbie Williams and Rik Waller waiting to get out.

Australia’s biggest export (by weight)

That’s today’s thinking, as the Mail reports on how a quarter of all men are on a diet.

A survey by Mintel, shows that the proportion of men trying to lose weight has risen from 16.6% in 1984 to 24.8% today.

The percentage of women striving to slim down has also risen, with the figure spreading from 34.5% to 42.8% over the same period.

But it is men that most intrigue the Star, which says that modern man is a ”vain, diet-mad, secret slimmer”.

Well, not that secret, given that to have a survey, you need respondents.

But vanity does seem a consideration for British manhood, as the two-thirds of men now classified as overweight increasingly try for those washboard stomachs and singular chins.

The new man’s six-pack is now made of half a dozen cartons of lo-cal fast shakes and not the traditional cans of beer.

And as for his breasts…’

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