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Ladies Who Free Lunch

by | 8th, November 2004

‘IN this week’s “My Free Lunch”, celebrity letter-turner of no little repute Jenny Powell peruses the menu at “music maestro Paul Mark Fuller’s A-list hangout”.

The A-list

It’s also, as we’ve observed, a place Jenny Powell likes to go on occasion.

And for this three-course meal with drinks, Jenny dined with the restaurateur himself.

“I love fish and shellfish,” says Jenny, “and Garry’s menu (he’s the chef) is famous for both.” How true!

“I’ve just got back from the South of France where Toby and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary, and I think I’m finally getting him into the Mediterranean way of eating.”

Finally! Because until now Tony has been a “beer and curry man” but last week Jenny got him to try a squid and garlic salad, plus bouillabaisse with all the trimmings.

But Toby can’t (or won’t) make it to the fish lunch with Jenny today, which means he misses out on the foie gras terrine with port jelly, the lobster miso and the raspberry soufflé.

And in between mouthfuls, Jenny can’t help but think what the adventurous Toby is missing.

“His brother is a professional rugby player and, although Toby himself doesn’t play, he wants lots of carbohydrates to fill him up without worrying too much about the taste.”

But in between courses of Toby, Jenny likes to partake in a soupcon of Connie, her daughter.

But there will be no siblings for Connie to play with, because being a mum is difficult with a job like Jenny’s

“It’s okay having just one child,” says Jenny, sounding like an official for the Chinese government, “but I don’t want to kill my mum by producing a whole brood for her to look after.”

Of course, Jenny – mum – could try looking after these nippers herself. But she can’t, not really. If she did, there wouldn’t be enough hours in the day to talk about them on TV or in OK!.

And as for lunch, well, you can just forget it…’

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