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Shoplifters Of The World Unite

by | 9th, November 2004

‘THERE is no mention of Richard Madeley, the taller and less shaky half of TV’s Richard & Judy, in the Mirror’s list of celebrity shoplifters.

Some suspicious acting

And that is how it should be for Richard was acquitted of stealing that bottle of champagne from Tesco a decade ago – and there really is no cause to rake it up again.

However, Jimmi Harkishin’s name has been added to the pantheon of stars who have taken advantage of the old five-finger discount.

The Sun has a picture of the man better known as Coronation Street Dev Alahan being led away by police on its front page – something of a coup, you might think, until you realise that the picture is in fact a still from the soap.

In real life, Dev (who, we are told, earns £100,000 a year as a shopkeeper) was nabbed at a Fenwicks department store after allegedly trying to put a £30 label on a £65 sweater.

And the paper says it wasn’t the first time the romeo, who is protesting his innocence, has been spotted acting suspiciously in the Brent Cross store.

“I can only assume it is some kind of strange addiction,” says a shop source. “Maybe he likes the excitement – or even just publicity.”

Jimmi’s indiscretion may not have attracted quite the same publicity as Winona Ryder’s visit to Saks, but he’s now part of a not-very-exclusive club.

As well as A-listers like Ryder and Hedy Lamarr (who stole eyedrops and laxatives from a Florida chemist), the Mirror’s list boasts names like Tracy Shaw, Lena Zavaroni, Stuart Hall and Jennifer Capriati.

But obviously not Richard Madeley, who has paid good money for every bottle of supermarket champagne he and his charming wife Judy have ever drunk…’

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