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Spanking Aloud

by | 12th, November 2004

‘EVER woken in the middle of the night, poked your partner in the ribs and asked: “Did you hear something?”

An unnamed German man in the city of Nuremburg woke in similar fashion. He had heard something go bang in the night – followed by what seemed to be the sound of a metal spoon slapping onto pink flesh.

But he had no need to ask what this noise was. He did not even have to guess. He knew what it was because he lived next door to a sadomasochism parlour.

So he went next door to ask his neighbours to keep the screaming down. But finding no dominatrix or club owner, he used his gas pistol to shoot a client.

”He couldn’t take it any more and decided to take the law into his own hands at 1:45 am,” said a spokesman for police in the southern German city.

Officers called to the club confiscated the 22-year-old’s pistol before charging him with causing grievous bodily harm and violating weapons laws.

His victim is said to have smiled and begged for him to do it again…’

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