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A New Diana

by | 12th, November 2004

‘NANCY Dell’Olio would do well to check the brakes on her car this morning – and steer well clear of any white Fiat Unos she may come across on her travels.

Sven loved seeing Di in the little red number

We would hate something untoward to happen to the sometime lover of England football manager Sven Goran Eriksson, who this morning tries on the mantle of The New Diana for size and declares it a perfect fit.

We would hate to gather in a rainy London park sometime in 2012 to witness the opening of a new £10m storm drain named in her honour.

And we would hate to spend the next eight years with a ringside seat for the fight between the Nancy Dell’Olio Memorial Fund and the Franklin Mint over copyright of the Nancy Doll.

So, take care, precious one. After all, you yourself have now realised that you “have replaced something England has been missing”.

You are too modest to compare yourself directly to the Queen of Hearts herself.

“People have said that Diana left a void that someone should fill,” you tell the Mirror. “I don’t think it’s me – but, if you ask me the interest in us two, I have one answer: envy.”

It is true, Nancy. How could we be otherwise than envious of you – envious of your looks, your dress sense and your boyfriend who would sooner play a 2-3-5 formation than look at another woman..?

But, like Diana, you want to be a force for good, you want to leave something behind other than a collection of dresses.

“I want to shine the lights of my popularity on to something more serious,” you say.

And with that, off you go…to explore a black hole with the aid of a pencil torch’

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