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Every Dog Has Its Day

by | 15th, November 2004

‘EVER since he mugged his way through Summer Holiday, Darren Day has been struggling to rid himself of the mantle ‘The New Cliff Richard’.

Darren was happy with second in the Cliff Richard lookalike competition

And it’s been quite a struggle.

In an effort to be his own man, Darren has chosen Jesus Christ Superstar over Jesus Christ and white lines of cocaine over the whiter lines of a tennis court.

He has wrestled with desire and resisted even the considerable charms of Cliff’s old flame Sue Barker – a decision that has caused him to scour the world of light entertainment for another woman.

It’s been a path with many diversions, and, to date, Darren, a self-styled ‘incurable romantic’ has been engaged more times than a toilet a cystitis convention.

And news is that he may yet be on the hunt again, since Suzanne Shaw, his current fiancée, is less than pleased about rumours linking Darren with Swedish lingerie model and actress Cecilia Carneby.

A ‘tearful’ former Hear’Say singer says she has ‘nothing to say’ to the Mirror, but apparently she has lots she’d like to tell Darren, billed both here and in the Sun as a ‘love rat’.

Suzanne would like to find out what level of truth exists in the rumour that the father of her unborn child enjoyed what the Sun calls a ’14-hour romp’ with Cecilia.

Can it really be true, that a star, an expectant dad and a jungle survivor not only cheated on his pregnant lover, but did so in a Travelodge?

Darren certainly has a lot of explaining to do. As does Cecilia, the Swedish Sue Barker look-alike…’

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