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Sophie’s Choice

by | 18th, November 2004

‘SOPHIE Anderton carries loads of baggage.

Sophie realised she’d forgotten to leave out anything to wear

You can see a lot of it in the Star, where the model who put the swimsuit in Special K is pictured posing for the cameras beside no fewer than four large suitcases as she jets off to a jungle clearing in Australia.

If the intention was to make an impact, to look like the princess who needs lashings of luxuries to survive the rigours of life, the stunt somewhat backfired.

For these are no Louis Vuitton travelling chests, nor are they butter-soft leather and silk Gucci bags, but rather blue canvas cases with brown trim of the type found atop a newly released prisoner’s free-standing wormwood wardrobe.

When her fellow jungle wannabe Brian Harvey tells the Sun that the main reason he is on the show is because ‘I’m skint’, we fear for Anderton.

And it makes us wonder what could be inside her bags. Aside from a few bundles of newspapers and some empty breakfast cereal boxes to give them shape, could they be empty?

However, after reading the Star’s story, we begin to reappraise the luggage. We take out our ruler, check the measurements and realise that a man of the aforementioned Harvey’s dimensions could fit inside.

You see, in this TV version of Desert Island Discs meets the Gang Show, Anderton has apparently ‘begged’ the producers of I’m a Celebrity… to allow the luxury item she can take into the camp to be her therapist.

But they said ‘no’.

Which leaves us to scratch our heads and wonder what exactly is inside Anderton’s bags?

And then we hear a clue in the Sun, where fellow jungle girl Janet Street-Porter expresses her doubts over it being a book.

Making her own preparations for life in the spotlight, the celebrity rambler asks of Anderton: ‘Has she read any books?’

She then says of camp toad Paul Burrell: ‘I’ll get him to do my washing.’

It seems Street-Porter has set out to win friends and influence people.

But before her fellow contestants turn on her as one, she would like it be known that she’d ‘rather sleep with cockroaches than her fellow contestants’.

Which should make for some sensational X-rated telly as the toothsome harridan tries to spot the difference…’

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