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by | 23rd, November 2004

‘WITH Peter Andre and Jordan inflating each others egos, bank balances, chests and acorns, it’s time to see what Queen Of The Jungle Kerry McPadding is up to.

The Charles and Di of the celebrity jungle

In this auspicious week when I’m A Celebrity… returns to our screens, how will Kerry spend her final days at the top of the jungle tree – before being usurped as Queen by Janet Street-Porter, Natalie Appleton or Paul Burrell.

It’s been a few weeks since Kerry surrendered her OK! diary in the face of so much angst, but now she’s back to tell us why she and Brian split.

However, it’s not all been bad news – as Kerry says on the front page: “I’VE LOST SO MUCH WEIGHT, I CAN’T EAT.”

Every cloud has a silver lining, indeed.

And while we await the latest diet fad and Kerry’s book – Lose Pounds With A Divorce Lawyer – the girl herself just wants to say that she and Brian were “victims of their own success”.

It apparently wasn’t only us who suffered as Brian launched his solo singing career and Kerry droned on and on about her children, her time in the jungle, her children and her time in the jungle; they suffered too.

We have all of suffered with and, in some ways, from Brian and Kerry, and now we can only hope the dark days are behind them both.

And look forward to the return of Kerry’s diary, before she slips into a size 10 dress and obscurity…’

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