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Fright Night

by | 23rd, November 2004

‘IF you thought the sight of Janet Street-Porter without make-up was bad, then pity the poor robber who came face to face with a naked Ozzy Osbourne.

‘Stop! Who goes …something or other?’

Okay, so the Sun says the masked raider got away with Sharon Osbourne’s £2m collection of gems, but will that pay for all the therapy he’ll need after his 4am encounter?

Not only that, but the miscreant was held in a headlock by the 55-year-old rocker before escaping from a 30ft window at the Osbournes’ Buckinghamshire home.

“He was a big strong man,” Ozzy told the paper, “but at one point I thought I could kill him to stop him hurting Sharon. But then I just let him drop.”

The burglar and his accomplice escaped with two gold wedding rings, a 10-carat diamond engagement ring, a 24-carat sapphire ring, a Cartier watch, a diamond necklace and a platinum watch.

And, because they were not in the safe, they are not covered by the household insurance.

No wonder the Osbournes are so keen to track down the thieves.

And Ozzy issued an emotional appeal to Sun readers: “I hope they will please help us try and catch these people.”

Police say the public should be on the look-out for a man walking around with a limp, a glazed expression and mumbling to himself…’

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