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Father Christmas

by | 24th, November 2004

‘WHILE Ukraine seethes and Tube workers sleep, a man in a wispy Santa Claus-style beard and red cardigan with fur-trimmed collar handcuffs himself to the gates at Buckingham Palace.

More modern ways to embarrass your children

This demonstrator is British and yesterday he was making his own protest about his lack of access to his lovely nippers, a girl of 10 and a boy of six.

After Jason Hatch stood in a pair of Batman pyjamas on the ledge at Buckingham Palace a couple of months back, it was David Pyke’s turn to do his bit for Fathers 4 Justice.

The member of the group with the easy-to-text-message name was watched by the Guardian and heard to chant slogans – “He who cares wins!”; “Suffer 4 the children!”; “Sunita is innocent!” – as he remained fastened for two hours, six metres up a stone pillar outside the palace.

It’s a move that once more highlights the plight of fathers denied access to their kids – while simultaneously offering us a hint as to why some men are not allowed to see their children all that often.

But come the revolution…’

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