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A Professional Operation

by | 30th, November 2004

‘THAT a brothel should be endorsed by a judge is hardly news.

”Today I learnt about bar charts and Venn diagrams…”

A trawl through London’s vice dens on an average night would uncover at least three of our bewigged friends, two members of the Cabinet, three senior civil servants and Jamie Theakston.

But it is somewhat unusual that a judge should give his support as publicly as Judge Jeffrey Rucker.

Yesterday, Judge Rucker praised the running of Temptations, a brothel in Plymouth, and described it as a model for other brothels to follow.

“If you are going to run a brothel, you could do it a lot worse than this,” he told Truro Crown Court.

At this point, we should point out that the learned gentleman was not appearing in the role of satisfied customer but in his professional capacity at the trial of brothel owner Terrance Weeks and his partner Patricia Jordan.

Illegal the running of a brothel may be, but we – like the judge – cannot fail to be impressed by the couple’s managerial skills.

The Times reports that, when police raided the suburban house in December last year, they found a detailed account of each customer, cross-referenced with the type of girls they liked, as well as bar charts and other graphs detailing the financial progress of the business.

The prostitutes themselves had been treated so well that many of them had stayed with the company for years – some even until they were old enough for Wayne Rooney’s tastes.

We unfortunately have no bar charts to demonstrate the fact that the couple had earned £800,000 from the business over the past four years.

Nor do we have graphs to illustrate the £46,000 in cash or £60,000 in premium bonds seized by police.

But we do have the judge’s words as he made a confiscation order of £166,020 against Mr Weeks and £30,000 against Miss Jordan before releasing them both with a conditional discharge.

“Mr Weeks,” he said, “was ably and at times energetically assisted by Miss Jordan.”

And you can’t ask for more than that in a partner…’

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