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Thou Shalt Not Litter

by | 6th, December 2004

‘LITTER is a terrible thing. There are more than enough bins to hold the rubbish of modern living – fast food cartons, dog poo in bags and Natalie Appleton CDs – but sill people drop their litter on the ground.

And it’s the same here as it is over there, in Tokyo.

Over in the town of Nagato, located in the picturesque mountains of Japan, the local councillors are fed up with the sight of tourists emptying their ashtrays in the area’s carp parks and roadsides.

So, the local prefecture hit upon the idea of placing statues of Jizo (no despicable sniggering in the back row, children), whose role in Buddhism is to help others find enlightenment, in the areas blighted by rubbish.

And, wonder of wonders, it worked. In just four months since the statues were put in place, litter has almost totally gone.

‘I can’t drop litter now, not with the statue looking at me,’ one driver said.’

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