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Eating Is Cheating

by | 6th, December 2004

‘WE know our American friends like to apply legendary Chicago mayor Richard Daley’s famous axiom ”Vote early, vote often” to their eating habits as well.

Now touch your head

However, to our knowledge, it is still not yet a crime in the land of the free shake with every Happy Meal to be seen in a restaurant after 11pm.

Nevertheless, the National Enquirer is sure that, criminal or not, Jennifer Aniston was up to no good at the Chilpancingo, a fancy Mexican restaurant in Chicago.

And it is true that the charge list is a long and grievous one.

It states that Aniston, 35, was picked up outside the Four Seasons hotel by a certain Vincent Cassel, a French actor and her co-star in her latest movie Derailed.

She was driven by said Cassel, 38, to the aforementioned Mexican restaurant ”to join a cast and crew party”.

Photographer Mustafa Kalili takes up the sordid tale.

”They arrived at the restaurant at 7.55pm and didn’t leave until 11.10pm,” he says.

”Someone who was inside the restaurant told me they were drinking maragaritas.”

What is more, neither Jennifer’s husband Brad Pitt, 40, nor Cassel’s wife Monica Bellucci, age unspecified, were present at the three-hour dinner.

As if that were not damning proof enough of immoral conduct, news is Aniston and Cassel called the Chicago cops to try to stop Mr Kafili and his friends getting shots of them leaving.

However, it takes more than the presence of a few cops to stop our shutterbug friends.

And, as soon as they spied the cameras, Aniston ”tried to shrink into the back corner of the vehicle” while Cassel ”tried to turn his face away so as not to be seen”.

We are not surprised at their embarrassment.

Cassel is French and knows no better, but what kind of example does it set to America’s youth when Aniston is seen dining out after 10pm?’

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