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by | 7th, December 2004

‘WITH Kerry McPadding-Katona pondering her future as dethroned Queen – possibly living in exile – we wonder what the New Year will bring for some other reality stars.

More than three rubs is illegal in the matinee

The good news is that Michelle Bass is already branching out with a little singing, a little dancing and a little (thigh) slapping in her role as the Princess in Aladdin.

Right-oh, indeed. Or “Right-toe!” as panto royal Michelle will soon have it as she slays them in the aisles of St Albans, making the audience weep one minute and hoot with uproarious laughter the next.

But while Michelle dreams of a summer season in Bridlington and becoming the new Sonia, Stu shows signs of reinventing himself as the next Michael Fish.

Quite casually, as if it were no big deal at all, Stu says: “I heard the other day that we might be getting snow this Christmas.”

Heard? Or worked out with through a blend of science and gnostic rituals, calculating the elements to predict the future with unnerving accuracy?

Whatever it is, Michelle is taking modest Stu at his word and says that the best thing in the world would be if the lake near the home they’re sharing for the duration of Michelle’s theatre run freezes over and allows them to skate on it.

But before Stu and Michelle skate on thin ice, he reminds us of the true meaning of Christmas.

No, not a Christmas reunion of the Big Brother cast – well, okay, that too – or screaming “Oh no it isn’t!” as Michelle does the Birdie Dance with her panto co-star Jamie Rickers(!), but going to church.

Stu’s been before – his dad played organ at one – and he wants to go back, not because he left his hair band there, but because, as he says, worship is the “true meaning of Christmas”.

“I’ve always been to Sunday school and stuff,” he says knowingly.

“I’d like to go either Christmas Eve or Christmas morning – there’s usually a nice candle-light service on Christmas Eve.”

Michelle concludes that going to a mass to celebrate Christ sounds “quite Christmassy”.

And as Stu could tell her, she’s not wrong. Which makes her right. Or right-toe!’

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