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Weighty Issues

by | 8th, December 2004

‘THE annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America is always a time of controversy.

And this year is no different as the delegates have stirred up yet more trouble. Typical.

We leave it to Dr. Raul Uppot of Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston to stoke the flames: ”Hospital radiology departments are increasingly unable to adequately image and assess obese patients because of the limitations in current radiology equipment.”

He says equipment makers ”need to think about design changes and technological advancements to obtain quality imaging in larger patients”.

”In the meantime, radiologists need to be aware of the limitations of their current imaging equipment and optimise current protocols and equipment settings to accommodate America’s fattening population.”

In other words so fat are Americans that even X-ray equipment cannot penetrate their acres of reconstituted lard.

They can either get thin or the machines can get bigger. And this being America, expect to see machines as big as houses rolling off the conveyor belt.

And 60 million obese Americans being rolled onto them…’

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