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The Wise Women

by | 9th, December 2004

‘THE nativity story certainly supports the view that women are brighter than men.

”No, I’m not telling porkies, it really is bigger than his”

How else do you explain the fact that Mary managed to persuade her husband that a ghost had got her up the duff and that technically she was still a virgin?

Certainly, Barry Sheerman, chairman of the education select committee, thinks that is the case.

The Mail reports that the father-of-four told fellow MPs yesterday that the reason girls outperformed boys at school was because they were brighter.

But are they?

A study published in the Express suggests otherwise.

It claims that Mary was not alone in telling porkies to her husband.

A whopping 96% of women lie regularly, not only about trivial things such as the price of a pair of shoes or the notion that size doesn’t matter.

Half of all women would lie about the paternity of their child – although admittedly “It was the Holy Ghost wot done it” does not feature in the Top 10 fibs.

But asked what they would do for £1m, two thirds would give up chocolate for ever, 64% would go without make-up, 38% would enter a loveless marriage, 34% would give up sex…and only 25% would run naked down their local High Street.

That’s right – 75% of women would not take their clothes off for all of a couple of minutes in return for £1,000,000.

And they’re the clever ones?!’

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