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Jam Tomorrow

by | 16th, December 2004

‘ENOUGH of this showbiz lite nonsense and time now for some serious politicking.

‘Where’s bloody He-Man? He’s late…’

And so we go to the Mirror for news of the latest daring caper by Fathers 4 Justice, the group that demands the right for middle-aged men not to be persecuted for dressing up as superheroes.

And the group’s latest plan is nothing short of genius as the paper tells how it will bring the M25 to gridlock.

The group’s leader, Matt O’Connor, tells the paper: ‘We have got people ready to shut it down – and I mean shut it down.

‘There will be gantries, banners and people dressed as Father Christmas right across the motorway.

So much for the entertainment – what about the food?

‘I’m also told that someone has got their hands on two tonnes of jam, which may be spread on the carriageway.’

And if Spider-Man can bring a couple of Aunt May’s huge sponges, and Wolverine some whipped cream, everyone can enjoy a huge Victoria Sponge.

It sounds like a terrific idea; to put the jam in the traffic will make everyone that has to endure the road to nowhere that much happier.’

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