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Snacks Are Back

by | 16th, December 2004

”CHEESE and pineapple chunk, anyone? No? Well, perhaps you’d prefer a sausage on a stick? Or one of these yummy mushroom vols-au-vent?’

‘Oh, Hugo! How darling! Sooo ironic!’

In the fashion industry, they would call it retro chic. In the food industry, they do call it the height of gastronomic sophistication.

Seventies snacks are apparently back on the menu at thousands of seasonal parties the length and breadth of this land.

Party organisers and supermarkets are reporting a surge in demand for food 30 years past its ‘best before’ date.

‘Retro parties have made a comeback,’ party organiser Helene Martin Gee tells the Guardian.

‘One reason is the number of high rollers who are hitting 50. They want to have a party to remind them of their youth.’

John Gray, of Bowyers pork pie factory, says the popularity of retro food is slightly tongue in cheek in the ever-so-sophisticated metropolitan party circuit.

But Jonathan Jordan, of Cavaghan & Gray, thinks ‘people like to eat food that reminds them of yesteryear’.

If so, what are we bid for the rotting old pasty stuck to the back of the Anorak fridge? It comes with real, live mould and a ‘use by’ date in Roman numerals…’

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