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And Trotters Might Fly

by | 21st, December 2004

‘ANOTHER Christmas season of telly looms and it’s time once more for us to stock up on some Trevor Francis tracksuits…

Here to save Christmas

Sure, some people like seeing the same thing repeated over and over. They can often be found watching motor racing.

And we’ve heard the argument that it’s all just cultural snobbery and that, if it’s okay to repeat Shakespeare, then it’s fine to show Del Boy falling on his Filofax every year, too.

Only, it is not. Classical works stand up to scrutiny – that is why they are classics.

What’s more, the likes of Shakespeare’s plays are rarely if ever broadcast on mainstream TV, especially at a time when someone not on hospital medication might be watching.

And, as yet – and we mean yet – Channel 4 have not come up with The 100 Greatest Shakespeare one-liners. That for next year.

This year, we’ve got The 100 Greatest Christmas Moments. And you know what that means, don’t you?

Yes, Morecambe and Wise, Slade, It’s A Wonderful Life and that brilliant moment when Del Boy falls on his Filofax.

But if you want something new, what is there? Well, don’t look at Eyes Down, one of the worst conceived, worst written, least funny comedy shows ever to appear on British TV.

Anyone who watches this show will end up eyes down as they fall into their Christmas dinner and are speared in the eyeballs by a two-pronged wishbone. Ah, the blessed relief.

Other than that, TV executives have dressed up the schedules to look like the boss at the work’s Christmas party: they’ve stuck a Santa hat on the usual flabby mess.

The only laugh is one born of derision.

But there is one show that’s at least a twist on an old theme. The cast of Shameless will be starring in a panto-style Christmas special.

Looking at it will makes anyone who watches it feel better – as they survey the lounge, taking in the snoring, brooding loners who make up their own family and think how much worse it could have been.

You could have lived with Uncle Albert…’

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