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by | 22nd, December 2004

‘IF not a David Blunkett action figure or a real-life Kimberly Quinn, what can you expect to find in stockings at the end of your bed this Christmas?

Rule 1: The ‘For Hire’ light must be switched off when approaching a black man

Well, the Telegraph has had a look and found that the unlikely hit of the winter spending spree is Round The ‘Ouses, a board game designed by a former taxi driver.

In this game, the cabbie uses a series of devious questions to ascertain whether their passenger is new to the area before taking them “the pretty way” to their destination.

Actually, he does not, because cabbies are noble fellows of rare honesty and the brains behind Destination London is a woman called Rachel Lowe.

The board game invites players to assume the role of taxi drivers trying to avoid hazards in the capital.

“This appeals to families who want to sit down and do something together [other than row],” says Lowe, a mature student and mother of two.

“When I walk into a shop and see it on the shelves, it is a fantastic feeling. I still can’t quite believe it.”

And nor can the staff at shops where her invention has been going down a storm.

As for the game itself, it sees players compete to earn the most money as they drive to famous destinations, trying not to run out of fuel, avoid traffic lights and not lose their licences.

Special marks are awarded for picking up Japanese passengers, arguing with cyclists while dropping into the one-way conversation the words “immigration”, “football” and “I had that Kimberly Quinn in the back of my cab once…”’

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