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I Am Mr Benn

by | 22nd, December 2004

‘AS if by magic, the shopkeeper is to reappear after 35 years.

‘Will my tits look big in this?’

The Sun reports that the first new Mr Benn episode since 1970 will be broadcast on New Year’s Day on Nickelodeon’s kids’ channel Nick Jr.

Only 13 episodes were originally made of the programme, each one of which saw Mr Benn try on an outfit in a costume shop and be transported into a different world.

It was recently voted the sixth favourite children’s show of all time.

And creator David McKee says we can now expect to see more new episodes and maybe even a Hollywood movie.

“I wrote the story after watching Gladiator,” he says. “I thought it was a bit violent and Mr Benn wouldn’t like it at all.

“So, we’ll see him do his best to stop the fighting and save Romans from the lions.”

The new episode will use the same voices as the original; the shop will be the same and Mr Benn will still be living on Festive Road.

But expect to see the black suit replaced by a singlet top and sarong and the bowler hat by a bandana…’

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