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Silent Sean

by | 23rd, December 2004

‘WHILE Paul Hardcastle gets our vote to be the next James Bond, one of the old stagers to have played 007 shows us what you get for doing the job.

‘I’ll take this dressing gown to my grave’

And very nice the pay-off is too. There’s a decent sized flat in ‘spacious’ Manhattan, a blonde wife called Micheline and an autobiography in which you get to talk about what it’s like being the world’s most famous secret agent.

And what can we expect to learn from this confessional?

‘I know everyone’s expecting me to list all the women in my life and make torrid revelations about them,’ says Sean Connery, for it is he.

‘But I never will. I’ll take those secrets to the grave.’

Shame! But although we’ll never know if there’s any truth in the rumours about Sean and Kimberly Quinn, we will, nonetheless, get to hear about his education in ‘the great school of life’.

Which seems to have taught him that the best way to conduct an interview in Hello! is to do so while wearing a range of martial arts-style kimonos.

The dark grey number with the black dots he’s wearing to kick off with is intriguing, but the one that really sticks in the mind is the yellow and white flowered outfit he changes into.

Why he does this, we may never know. Perhaps when we come to study his autobiography we may find a reason.

But for now let’s just look at Sean and enjoy him for what he is – whatever that may be…’

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