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Get Carter

by | 23rd, December 2004

‘IT’S nearly Christmas so it’s appropriate that a big red fat man may be returning to Walford.

‘Gary Beadlie, I’m arresting you for crimes against acting’

Marcus, the Mitchell family retainer, turned up on Sam’s doorstep to say that Phil was in trouble and needed money urgently; he’s been on the run for about a year and clearly the panto work has dried up.

Sam swiftly set about selling the Mitchell family assets off in a large scale Christmas sale. The Arches have gone to Ian and the Vic is about to be sold off to Den.

Marcus has reluctantly agreed to let Sam accompany him to his meeting with Phil. “I have to warn you though,” said Marcus, “a year on the run hasn’t been kind to Phil. You may not recognise him.”

As Sam Mitchell has had a head transplant herself, it’s unlikely that that will bother her.

More East End gansta ‘bover’ for Andy, Paul and the originally named Carter (someone’s been watching far too many Michael Caine films).

Andy has been using Paul as a drugs mule – which is apt given his donkey-like acting skills. So impressed is Andy with Paul’s ability to transport drugs from one side of the Square to another, that he’s offered him a part in a big drugs deal with this Carter.

Unfortunately for Paul, his criminal activities have come to the attention of someone else: the Metropolitan Police.

The Walford drugs squad brought Paul in and offered him a deal; if he grassed up Andy then he’d not go to prison for possession.

It doesn’t take much to make Paul turn grass – remember how quickly he fingered Janine (so to speak) – and before long he was singing away like an X-Factor contestant.

Paul’s troubles are far from over, however, as Andy and Carter realised that the police were waiting for them and called off the drugs deal.

Rumour has it that Paul is about to be written out of Walford when Andy puts a contract out on him – that’ll be the only contract Paul ever sees again from the BBC.

Elsewhere in Walford, the ‘Shannisgate’ affair rumbles on and on. Dennis and Sharon have now decided that they’re going to leave the Square so that they can be “togeff-er”.

Dennis has asked Andy to lend him two thousand pounds for him and Sharon to start a new life. Two thousand pounds for a new life?? Where are they planning on moving to? The Eldorado set?’

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