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by | 5th, January 2005

‘WAYS to embarrass your children No. 32456b: invade their school canteen.

”It might well be orange and sticky, love, but it never did young Anthea Turner any harm”

THE Mail’s story of the “school dinner rebels” has not a word to quote from any of the pupils at St Paul’s Church of England School, North London.

This is no story of how the children rebelled, of how the oppressed ankle-biters stormed the kitchens and demanded that the soggy cabbage and tasteless swede be replaced with burgers, chips and fudge.

This is a tale in which mother-of-two Natasha Seery formed a food committee in a bid to improve food standards at her son Milo’s school.

She is by her own token “quite careful” about what she feeds her little loves and has been trying to get details of how the food sploshed out to her child – who, under mum’s direction, stopped eating the school’s grub last year – is sourced.

Receiving no satisfactory answer from the local authorities, Seery and her group “voted” to enter the school kitchens and look in the freezers.

And what they found astounded them.

According to Helen Tindale, whose daughter Mell attends the school, “there were no fresh ingredients at all”.

“All the meat,” she said, “was reconstituted and there were bags of frozen mutton and other products.”

In fact, all the food in the freezer was, well, frozen. Which clearly won’t do at all…’

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