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Hysteria Lane

by | 6th, January 2005

‘CONGRATULATIONS to the Telegraph, which this morning runs the first of what we have no doubt will be many stories inspired by American TV’s newest hit, Desperate Housewives.

Housewives do it with rubber gloves

The show, which is set in a part of suburban California called Wisteria Lane, opened on Channel 4 last night.

And to celebrate the paper sent a reporter out to the nearest Wisteria Lane – in Wantagh, Long Island – to see what life was really like among the – wait for it – “disparate housewives” who live there.

And – surprise, surprise – it appears that the reality is rather more mundane than the fiction.

“Forget having an affair with the gardener,” says mother-of-two Caroline d’Angelo. “We’re lucky if we get enough sleep, feed our kids, pay our bills and get our two weeks’ holiday a year.”

That may sound like perfect material for a British drama, but until then we’ll have to make do with the “impossibly glamorous” Californian version.

And see just how many stories the papers can squeeze out of it…’

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