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Brad Split

by | 10th, January 2005

‘CHERCHEZ la femme! News that Brad Pitt’s marriage to Jennifer Aniston has gone the way of so many showbiz unions before it has sparked a predictable hunt for ‘the other woman’.

Jen got fed up with strangers fondling her husband

And when ‘the other woman’ comes in the shapely form of Angelina Jolie, that is big news (with even bigger pictures).

The Sun takes Jolie’s word for it that she didn’t have an affair with her hunky co-star on the set of Mr & Mrs Smith, but the Mirror is having none of it.

Armed only with a file of cuttings and a ridiculous amount of self-importance, Jessica Callan, one of the paper’s absurd 3am girls, mounts the case for the prosecution.

”With a justified reputation as a maneater who gets it on with co-stars,” she says, ”Angelina sent a very clear message to Jennifer late last year when she did not deny having a fling with Brad.

”She said: ”I wouldn’t sleep with a married man. I have enough lovers. I don’t need Brad.””

In the Mirror’s eyes, that is the equivalent of a confession.

But the Sun takes her at her word when she says (with echoes of Bill Clinton): ”Shag? No, I did not shag Brad Pitt.”

”Absolutely not,” she continues. ”I have not slept with a co-star.” But I have married two of them…’

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