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by | 11th, January 2005

‘A SHORT trip down the M1 brings us to Luton County Court where today a judge is expected to deliver an answer to the most expensive pub quiz question in history.

Behind every great man…

”Who were the first five regular presenters of the National Lottery show?”

That was the jackpot question asked by Tony Barclay during a pub quiz at the King’s Arm in Bedford on December 2nd 2002.

There was £210 in prize money at stake and (bearded) quiz fanatic David Crane and his No Fear team were sure they knew the answer.

However, the Mail reports, ”when Mr Barclay announced Noel Edmonds as part of the answer, there was mayhem”.

”No Fear had Philip Schofield instead, saying Edmonds hosted only one show and could not be a ‘regular’.”

Mr Barclay refused to back down, Mr Crane accused him of cheating him out of the money, Mr Barclay sued for libel and today – two years, five court appearances and more than £12,500 later – the case is due to reach its conclusion.

For the record, Noel Edmonds hosted the first ever National Lottery show as a celebrity guest presenter.

The first five regular presenters were Anthea Turner, Gordon Kennedy, Dale Winton, Bob Monkhouse and Philip Schofield.

And there’s a bonus point for anyone who can tell us which, if any, of these six still has a career…’

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