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Delta Tangoes Romeo

by | 12th, January 2005

‘NOT so long ago Brian and Kerry McFadden might have expected to see their names at the top of the list of favourite celebrity couples.

”You’re dumped!”

She a popstar without a record contract, he her high-profile spouse.

But no longer – Brian left Kerry heartbroken at the end of last year when he announced that he was calling time on their five-year marriage.

And he admitted having a fling with 20-year-old Aussie singer Delta Goodrem after pictures surfaced of them on holiday in South Africa over New Year.

It’s all too much for Kerry’s foster parents, who this morning brand the ex-Westlife singer an ”absolute bastard” for the way he has treated his estranged wife.

”He’s been portrayed as someone who still cares about Kerry,” Margaret Woodall tells the Sun, ”but he’s a spineless, rotten man.”

Kerry, who has been on anti-depressants since the split and even checked herself in to the Priory clinic, was in tears when she heard the news.

”Finding out was bad enough but the pictures have torn her apart,” says Margaret’s husband Fred.

”She’s a broken woman – we can see it in her eyes. It will be very hard to bounce back.”

If anyone can bounce back, it is big-chested Kerry – and she will be heartened by news in the Mirror that Brian’s relationship with Delta is over before it’s even begun.

A source tells the paper that the former Neighbours star saw the trip to South Africa as a fun holiday and not as the start of a relationship.

”They don’t have a future as a couple,” the source says.

What comes around, it seems, also goes around…’

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