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Guinea Foul

by | 13th, January 2005

‘WHEN we see the Times’ picture of Sir Mark Thatcher climbing into a car, we fear the worst.

”Is Dacca that way?”

We who have followed the career of Margaret Thatcher’s son worry for his safety.

In memories triggered by the Guardian’s shot of “Scratcher”, as he’s thought to be known in mercenary circles, dressed in his car racing garb, we wonder where he’ll end up.

Until yesterday, it was just possible that wayward Mark would finish his life’s journey in Equatorial Guinea, where he would rot in jail until his time was ended by the state executioner.

But, luckily, Thatcher took along a decent brief for the ride.

The lawyer convinced his client that caution was the better part of valour, and today Thatcher will offer a plea bargain to the South African prosecutors.

When faced with a drive into the unknown – albeit a place with a few of his old khaki-clad mercenary chums awaiting his arrival – Thatcher and his legal team negotiated a deal.

For a price of between £200,000 and £500,000 (it’s a precise £275,000 in the Times), Thatcher will accept a five-year suspended jail sentence by admitting in court that he funded the hiring of an air ambulance that was to have been used for mercenary purposes.

And those purposes are, the Telegraph says, the stuff of a “fantasy blockbuster, written by amateurs”.

The plot was for British mercenary and old Etonian Simon Mann and his team of 70 Keystone soldiers to make their way to oil-rich Equatorial Guinea.

There, they would overthrow the pretty odious President Teodoror Nguema Obiang, replace him with Severo Moto and then leave with oodles of cash.

And it would not have worked but for one thing – as the Telegraph says, “everyone in South Africa appeared to know of their plan”.

And that led to Thatcher’s arrest and his criminal record – something that may prevent him from living in Dallas with his American-born wife.

What happens to Thatcher next is anyone’s guess, and with the Times asking “Where can he go to rebuild [his] reputation?”, there is no clear answer.

The only way forward is for Thatcher to get in his car, slip the gear lever into forward and see where he ends up.

The smart money is on ‘lost’…’

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