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Gordon’s Tonic

by | 13th, January 2005

‘NOT everyone who knows Tony Blair is guaranteed an easy ride.

Smile and the whole of the Third World smiles with you

For instance, Gordon Brown, who lives next door to the Prime Minister and is often seen in the company of the great healer, is not having an easy time of it at all.

And that’s something even the Conservative Party have picked up on and now alluded to in their new campaign poster.

Featured in the Guardian, the poster shows a tight-lipped Blair facing an angry-looking Brown beneath the message: “HOW CAN THEY FIGHT CRIME WHEN THEY’RE FIGHTING EACH OTHER?”

As with most things in politics, there is no clear answer offered, although the implication is that they can’t and we will all fall victim to a brutal mugging unless Gordon returns Tony’s lawn mower and Tony gives Gordon the top job.

But there are signs that Gordon is taking matters into his own hands.

For, just like Tony, Gordon is telling us that he can heal the world’s ills and make Africa a place of plenty.

So, there he is in the Times, dressed in an open-necked shirt and listening intently as Kenya’s assistant education minister tells him about her school in the Kibera slums.

If Tony can be a friend to the world’s poor, then so too can Gordon. And if that means throwing off his tie and pulling that sincere, caring face then he’ll give it his best shot.

And on the fist day of his six-day visit to Africa, the Guardian looks at friendly, approachable Gordon and hears him say that he feels the continent’s pain and knows how to cure it.

The paper reports that some scientists say a vaccine to combat Aids is a long, long way off, but Gordon says that a “partly effective vaccine” can be ready by 2012 – just so long as the world is willing to invest £10bn a year into it.

Gordon has seen the problem, spotted the cure and even removed his jacket to display signs of sweating in his hard-working armpits.

Now, if we can just believe in him – and get rid of that Tony – the world can be a made better place. And, as new Gordon would now say, “Amen to that”.’

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