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The Price Of Fame

by | 14th, January 2005

‘SO outraged are the papers by Prince Harry’s behaviour that they have no choice this morning but to publish lots of pictures of his girlfriend Chelsy Davy.

Caprice’s breasts, like the Titanic, are said to be unsinkable

She may not be a Nazi or indeed related to a Nazi, but who needs an excuse to shoe-horn a photograph or two of an attractive blonde into the story?

Not the Star, which not content with a picture of the 19-year-old Zimbabwean offers its readers a four-page pull-out of the hottest bods on TV.

But what is the cost of such fame for the likes of Jennifer Ellison, Abi Titmuss and Jordan?

The Star fixes its dirty leer on Californian model Caprice and gets out its calculator.

And it reckons that the 33-year-old’s looks are more likely the result of £15,000 worth of plastic surgery than nature.

Viewers of Celebrity Big Brother, it says, have been amazed by her apparent ability to defy gravity.

“Whatever she does,” it says, “her face and boobs don’t budge an inch.”

Plastic surgeon Professor John Celin pores over pictures of Caprice as she was at 16 and as she is now – and agrees.

“She was a pretty girl anyway, but she’s definitely gorgeous now,” he says. “I’m not too happy with the breasts – they’re a bit round – but it’s a good result on the whole.”

However, in the interests of science, Prof Celin says he would need to see many more pictures of the semi-naked model before delivering a conclusive diagnosis…’

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