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Dirty Harry

by | 17th, January 2005

‘IN response to the statement “Prince Harry has now apologised and that should be an end to the matter”, 89% of those polled by the Sun said they agreed with it.

”By the far right, quick march”

Which means – as even Prince Harry could work out (with little or no help from his art teacher) – 11% of us think the matter should rumble on.

And never let it be said that the Sun ignores the minorities – whether they be native, colonial or royal – as it brings us the front-page headline: “SWILLS AND HARRY.”

In it, readers learn that Harry’s dad, “angry Charles”, has ordered his youngest son to make amends for his “Nazi fancy dress shame” by mucking out the pigs on his farm.

Says a Royal source: “His father thought a few days getting his hands dirty might focus his mind.”

But what will those 11% make of it? Well, as luck has it, many of this group work for the press, and over in the Express, Vanessa Feltz (“Prince Prat Is The Final Royal Insult”) is upset.

Given that headline, we pretty much know what to expect in the article, which calls Harry a “lucky sperm” and hears one former Royal aide call Harry “stupid” and his circle of friends “revolting”.

And the Mirror’s Tony Parsons is also one of the 11% minority, telling the world how Harry’s antics epitomise his belief that the Royals are “doomed”.

The list of words used to describe Prince Harry in the Express is now extended in the Mirror to include “braying”, “upper-class twit” and “thick little sod”.

And what’s more, the ginger (one of our own descriptive words there) Prince might just have cost London its chance of staging the 2012 Olympic Games.

Most of us could not care where the event is staged, but the Mirror is sticking with today’s theme of talking to the minority and reveals that Olympic fans may pay the price for the thicko Prince’s stupidity.

And coming on top of the Queen’s alleged comments that Paris was the better city, it spells bad news for London mayor Ken Livingstone and anyone else who backs the London bid.

Of course, one way round it would be to follow Harry’s example. So, down to your local fancy dress shop, put on your Nazi gear and take the ferry to France and the fight to the French.

The Games are afoot, as a fan of Harry once put it…’

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