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Radar Screen

by | 18th, January 2005

‘WOMEN may or may not be worse at science than men, but they are statistically a whole lot safer behind the wheel of a car.

”Try reverse”

That’s why motor manufacturers are using radar technology to develop an intelligent car that can avoid accidents and help with parallel parking.

The European Commission yesterday gave in to demands by a group of car manufacturers to use the technology.

And the Guardian says the first such cars, which can detect other vehicles and pedestrians (and even wasps) within a 30-metre radius, could be out as early as this summer.

With radar technology, drivers can be warned that they are in imminent danger of a crash or have failed to see another car in their blind spot.

A spokesman for the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, gave a guarded welcome to the new technology.

“We do need to make sure,” he warned, “that there are no drawbacks such as drivers relying too much on the technology and not paying enough attention themselves.”

The Commission agreed to licence the new technology only after it was satisfied that it wouldn’t interfere with other users.

After all, it’s not much use being able park at a perfect parallel to the pavement if an aeroplane then drops out of the sky on your head…’

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