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Friends Of Dorothy

by | 18th, January 2005

‘THE existence of a video tape showing Paris Hilton in sexual congress with former boyfriend Rick Salomon would, you might think, have suggested that the heiress is no friend of Dorothy.

And both on their second husband

She’s no friend of Rick either – but it takes more than a steamy sex tape to convince the Enquirer that a woman does not feel best in comfortable shoes.

This week, it promises to reveal who is gay and who is not among Hollywood’s vixens.

And even marriage is no defence against the Sappho-spotters at Enquirer.

Sex And The City maneater Kim Cattrall has three marriages behind her and even wrote a (heterosexual) how-to sex book with her most recent husband Mark Levinson.

But all that rather fades into insignificance compared with a paparazzi picture taken in July 2003 showed her sunbathing topless with a girlfriend in the Hamptons.

Cindy Crawford may be on her second marriage, but what was that next to porn star Jenna Jameson’s claim that the supermodel came onto her.

So, do you really think that the small matter of a sex tape is going to count for anything when the Enquirer actually has a picture of Paris Hilton kissing Carmen Electra?

She may lack discernible talent, education, scruples, manners, modesty or underpants, but she knows how to get a bunch of men talking…’

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