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by | 24th, January 2005

‘REBECCA Loos has no need of quiet contemplation or meditation to enhance her sexual potency.

”Do you want me to carry her?”

Point a camera at the pig-pleasuring PA and she is ready to perform.

The Sun says the 27-year-old’s latest TV stunt is…”lifting weights with her private parts”.

There is, we are reliably informed, a dwarf resident in Barcelona who has made a career out of just such an act, but for Becs it was all done in the name of science.

She performs the ”sexual energy” ritual – which involves squeezing an egg-shaped object between her legs and lifting a bottle of water attached to the egg by a piece of string – at a Thai health camp.

It is all part of a Channel 4 show, Celebrity Hell Camp, in which celebs are sent to exotic locations to try out strange health practices.

Other celebs, including glamour model Jo Guest, ex-EastEnder Carol Harrison and Ozzy Osbourne’s son Jack, are forced to drink their own urine or gulp down salt water until they vomit.

For those of you without the money or inclination to try this particular ritual, much the same effect can be had by staying at home and tuning into Channel 4…’

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