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Picture Perfect

by | 25th, January 2005

‘IF Brad Pitt likes a woman in uniform (and let’s face it, what man doesn’t), then he could not do much better than Angelina Jolie.

”Right, Brad, let’s go shopping”

The Star reports that his Mr and Mrs Smith co-star has been voted the sexiest woman in uniform by readers of Hollywood film magazine Femmes Fatales.

The 29-year-old’s leather-clad appearance in Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow was enough to see off competition from Bai Ling (the robot assassin in the same film) and Jessica Biel (a female vampire hunter in Blade Trinity).

However, it is an out-of-uniform Tomb Raider star who is seen strolling round flower markets with Mr Pitt in the pictures the Mirror says broke estranged wife Jennifer Aniston’s heart.

As evidence of an affair the pictures (taken last October) are unlikely to get a conviction even in Texas, but in the world of tabloid journalism conjecture is proof and hearsay is fact.

For instance, the Mirror quotes an unnamed insider on the set who says: ”They were total professionals, but it was obvious they wanted to spend time together.”

And the Sun has supposedly tracked down a witness who says of their afternoon stroll: ”They ambled around the market looking like lovers.”

Both Brad and Angelina insist that their relationship is purely platonic, but the Sun suggests that their ”close body language” speaks for itself.

And in case it doesn’t the Mirror tells its readers that Angelina ”looked completely at ease as she snuggled up to the 41-year-old Hollywood superstar”.

In one picture, she is shown resting her head on his shoulder as he whispers something into her ear.

Even the Sun hasn’t found a witness to what he said, but we’ve shown the pictures to Anorak’s resident lip-reading expert and this is her verdict…

”Have you still got that policewoman’s uniform from The Bone Collector?”’

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