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by | 27th, January 2005

‘TODAY is the day when the great debate on European unity is cranked up a notch.

”They Voted No”

The Government’s unveiling of the question on which the great British people will vote – ”Should the United Kingdom approve the treaty establishing a constitution for the European Union?” – will be met with a simple ”Yes” or ”No”.

Of course, many of those who can vote meet it with something approaching indifference as, given the low turnout of recent elections, we chose Option C and stay at home in our droves.

But at least the question is clear. As the Telegraph says in its lead story, the one thing all the main political parties can agree on is that the question is both neutral and balanced.

The paper is also happy with the wording and says that there is no ”loaded additional suggestion that voting No would leave Britain on the ‘margins”’ of the EU”, a common claim of the pro-EU fraternity.

But don’t worry if you’ve not yet made up your mind, or checked the TV listings to see what else you could be doing besides voting.

The Telegraph says that there is time for you to decide – the referendum will be held in the spring of 2006, ”if Labour is returned to power at the election”.

If the Tories win the day, the big vote will be carried out before the year’s end.

So, 2006 it is, then.

For now, let’s leave this matter to be debated by our political leaders in a way that will, after much warbling and ranting, boil down to the essential question: ”Do you want to be ruled by Johnny Foreigner, or not?”’

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