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The Missing Link

by | 31st, January 2005

‘IF we’re not reading about barely-incomprehensible wrecks stumbling about, we’re watching them on TV.

”Whatever you do, please do not mention my famous mum and dad”

But in the all-too brief hiatus between the last Osbourne family freak show and the next, the Express has spotted a new arrival in their midst.

Her name in Aimee, and she’s “the secret Osbourne daughter” who shunned the chance to be stared at and laughed at by the world at large in favour of something else.

And that something is now revealed to be the chance to become a nurse in a small home for the elderly in Aberdeenshire.

Well, not exactly. Aimee has signed a “big money” record deal to become a soul singer.

“Aimee has always been terrified of being accused of riding on her parents’ coat-tails,” says an unnamed source.

“But while millions of viewers have been monitoring her family’s every move, Aimee has been writing her own material.”

And just as soon as it’s released, the papers will tell you all about it. As will her mum, her dad, her brother…’

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