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Chelsy Scores

by | 1st, February 2005

‘WHERE’S Harry?

Lily Marlene

Has anyone seen Prince Harry? You know the lad – red hair, squinty eyes, Nazi uniform?

If you have will you please try and ensure he doesn’t see the Mirror’s picture of his girlfriend, the blonde Chelsy Davy, sitting on a bloke’s knee.

And try to keep him from reading the paper’s story in which we learn that Chelsy was spotted stroking this unidentified lad’s face and whispering in his ear.

Perhaps if Harry does see the story, you could just say that the pictures are most likely fakes dreamt up by the Mirror’s graphics department to show what Chelsy would look like with another man.

But whatever the truth, one onlooker who saw Chelsy and her companion at a race meeting in Cape Town said things didn’t look good.

“Poor Harry must be going spare knowing what this is what Chelsy is up to when his back is turned,” he said.

“The two of them were acting as if they were a couple in love.”

So, if you see Harry, go easy on the scamp. And tell him that it could be worse – the love of his life could be with Michael Jackson…’

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