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Ship Mates

by | 4th, February 2005

‘WE Brits have long been proud of our stunnas, and today we get to feel prouder still as we read about how our brave babes are waving the flag.

Ship shape and Bristols fashion

It gives us no little pleasure – and the young bucks aboard Her Majesty’s frigates no small sense of relief – to relay the Sun’s news that the Royal Navy has rescinded its ban on Page 3.

The ban has been lifted and from now on sailors will be allowed to stick pictures of Page 3 girls in their quarters.

And Danni, 18, is so delighted that she’s puts on a sailor’s hat, pulled on some navy blue regulation knickers and removed all her other clothes.

“It was a ludicrous ban and it’s great the Navy has changed its mind,” says she.

Her shipmate Kelly, also aged 18 and wearing the same outfit, agrees. “I am glad this madness has finally ended,” says the able seawoman.

But while the girls are piped aboard to offer some distraction to lonely sailors tossing and turning on the high seas, the Sun spots Jordan doing her bit for Great Britain.

The glamour mo-del is one of six hopefuls vying to win our vote to sing the country’s official entry at the next Eurovision Song Contest.

“I would love to fly the flag for Britain and win the Eurovision Song Contest,” says Jordan. “So come on Sun readers – vote for me.”

Can there be anyone better than Katie Price and her fronting singers, The Jordans, to restore a sense of pride in this nation?

We think not. So vote now and vote often. Your country needs you…’

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