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Sleep Over

by | 4th, February 2005

‘IF only David Beckham had been quicker off the mark.

”He says he’s naked in front of 100,000 people”

If only his agents, advisors and hangers-on had thought that little bit harder.

Had they done so, we might have heard that Dave had not, as it is alleged, sent sexually suggestive text messages to pig-tosser Rebecca Loos.

Instead we’d have been told by sources and insiders that if Day-vid had sent any texts he had done so in his sleep…in the manner of one Richard Griffiths.

The Sun says that the 23-year-old sent a series of text messages over his mobile phone while he slept. He is the “SLEEP TXTER”.

“I text so much, it’s second nature,” says Griffiths. “But I was still freaked out.”

Richard first sent a sleep-text to his mother at 2am over a year ago. Thankfully for the young lad, he was not dreaming about Becks and the message was more “nonsense” than X-rated.

Later he sent another message to his friend Ashley Jones. It ran: “Help, I’m in trouble. Someone’s chasing me.”

He also sent a message to two of his young relatives which said: “Baloo, have you seen Bagheera?”

This is an odd thing to do. Although we are relieved that when talking to impressionable young minds he made no mention of Porky the Pig and Golden Balls…’

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