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Slowly Does It

by | 7th, February 2005

‘IF it’s taking Kate Moss a long time to work out that Pete Doherty is not great boyfriend material, then she’s just acting in common with the rest of her sex.

It took Kate a while to work out why everyone was staring at her

For scientists claim to have found proof that men think faster than women – and are therefore more intelligent.

According to the Mail, messages are transmitted 4% faster between the cells in men’s brains than they are in women’s.

”This very significant sex difference in all test conditions was most unexpected,” says the report by a team of Canadian scientists.

However, Cambridge University’s psychology professor Simon Baron-Cohen said there was no obvious correlation between speed of thought and intelligence.

”There is evidence that one gender’s brain is different from the other’s,” he said, ”with tests showing women do better on verbal skills while men fare better on spatial tests.”

So, while Kate tries to figure out the words to tell her lover it’s all over, Pete is getting used to what a six by four prison cell looks like…’

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