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Wonder Woman

by | 8th, February 2005

‘CHERIE Blair is no Superwoman. It is also unlikely that she is a superman, what with her four children andfine child-bearing hips.

”I wonder what country this is”

We say ”unlikely” because Cherie has never told us. All we can say with any certainty is that she is no Superwoman – and then only because she told us so.

What she tells others is something of a mystery, since no media were allowed inside Auckland’s Star City Convention Centre to hear her speak.

The Times’ Roger Maynard was in possession of a £100 ticket to hear Cherie talk during her six-stop speaking tour of Australia and New Zealand, but he was shown the door.

Max Markson, the PR guru who has masterminded the tour for which Cherie is being paid a reported £100,000, escorted the paper’s man on the spot from the arena.

”I would let you in,” he told Maynard, ”but I have been instructed not to allow the media inside.”

Happily, the Telegraph reports, Cherie was soon back in the media spotlight, cuddling the five-month-old victim of a road crash at the city’s Starship children’s hospital.

There, before the cameras, she took time to talk and empathise with the anxious mothers of sickly children.

And to tell us all that the secret of her and Tony’s enduring love for each other is taking time to talk and her making him home-cooked meals.

It’s all riveting stuff for which we would gladly pay more than the paper’s cover price.

But what we want to know is what we she told the non-media types who paid far more than the better part of a pound to hear her talk?

Well, suffice to say that those inside the gilded chamber were unimpressed.

So, it’s over to a delighted Telegraph to hear one audience member give her a two out of 10 and another a not-much-better score of three.

And to hear from an appalled man who says Cherie confused the Kiwi great and good with Australians.

”Calling us Australians was the worst faux pas you can imagine – and she did it twice,” says an angry businessman after the speech.

Which just goes to show that Cherie is right – she is no Superwoman.

Indeed, given the look on the faces of those who came to hear her show, the PM’s wife is much more of a Wonder Women…’

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