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by | 9th, February 2005

‘DRUGS addle the mind – and they certainly seem to have had a damaging effect on the red-tops this morning.

A typical cellmate at Pentonville

Every one of them leads with the same “exclusive” story about junkie rocker Pete Doherty, sometime boyfriend of Kate Moss.

The Sun does at least appear to have spoken to the man himself as he walked out of Pentonville prison vowing to quit drugs for the sake of his supermodel lover.

“I thought I was going to die,” said the ex-Libertines singer. “The thought of Kate on the outside kept me going. I have to sort my life out.”

He then goes on to tell the paper how one moment he was waiting for the supermodel to join him in a Jacuzzi, the next he was in a jail cell that stank of vomit.

We shall see what happens next, but that sounds to us like a better reason to kick heroin and crack for love than any 12-step rehab programme.

The Mirror has the same message, albeit transmitted via friend James Allen, who said that Kate had “made it clear if he doesn’t go through rehab his chances are over”.

However, unnamed pals tell the Star that they’re worried Pete will still turn up at tonight’s Brit awards and cause havoc.

“He’s been hearing voices and hallucinating, so he’s not exactly thinking straight,” one said.

Nor is he the only one, judging by the “exclusive” stories in this morning’s newspapers…’

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