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A Lotta Bottle

by | 9th, February 2005

‘RAISE a glass to Ellen MacArthur, the sailor, who, as the Telegraph’s front page says, has been fast-tracked to Damehood in record time.

”To Bridget”

”To Ellen.”

Now raise a glass to Wednesdays, the new Israeli-Palestinian pledge to peace, the person who invented pancake mix and deckchairs.

”To them all!”

And now nip down the offie and buy some more wine to raise a glass to Bridget Jones, who, as the Telegraph reports, has played her part in the soaring sales of wine among working women.

A new report says that ”single women suffering from stress” mean that more than billion litres of wine were consumed in Britain last year.

As the report’s author, James McCoy, says: ”The rising number of drinkers going out in the week – in particular the more affluent, mid-life singles and the ‘Bridget Jones’ generation of working women with time and money to spare for luxuries such as wine – has undoubtedly played a significant part in boosting sales.”

And boosted them they have. Wine sales have grown by more than 30% since 1999 to sales of around £7.6bn last year.

Wow indeed. And let’s have a toast to that as well.

”To the office drones and the depressed!”’

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