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The Naked Truth

by | 11th, February 2005

‘AS we mentioned above, OK! proprietor Richard Desmond is a paragon of publishing taste and virtue.

”So, Lara, what’s the weather got in store for us tomorrow?”

So when one of his staff asks ”hot” TV weathergirl Lara Lewington whether she would pose naked for $1m, we are sure that they are just making conversation rather than a business proposition.

Anyway, the answer is that Lara ”wouldn’t pose naked for any amount of money”.

So, if you want to see Lara’s hot, cold or even occluded front, you’ll have to put away your wallet and the razor – our Lara apparently likes a bit of rough – and get out the charm.

OK! columnist Kerry McFadden is also musing on the subject of posing naked this week, although in her case no-one has invited her to do so.

Of course, Kerry has already posed topless in the days before she became an ex-member of Atomic Kitten, and ex-Queen of the Jungle and an ex-wife to Brian McFadden.

But would she – to coin a phrase – go the whole hog?

”Not with my body,” she insists. ”I don’t think anybody would want to buy the magazine.

”But if it was done in a tasteful way, or of it was for charity or if I could be airbrushed up to the head, then maybe I would think about it.”

Not of course that Mr Desmond would be party to such a project…’

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