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Love Is The Drug

by | 14th, February 2005

‘LOVE is very much in the air, and we read in the Mirror that Kate Moss and popstar Pete Doherty are to marry.

Roses and red, violets are blue, kick out the crack, the smack and the glue

All that we and other die-hard romantics can say to that announcement is: “YES!” If ever a couple were suited to wedded life, it is surely Kate and Pete.

“We want the wedding as soon as possible,” says Pete. (And so too do we.) “We love each other.”

But in the moment of celebration, like a stuck champagne cork, we are stopped in our tracks. For there on the Sun’s cover page is the headline: “KATE’S DUMPED ME…I’M GUTTED.”

It seems that the wedding could not come quickly enough, and now “junkie Pete” has been, in his own words, “torn apart” by Kate’s decision to leave him.

“I can’t believe Kate has done this to me,” says Pete, who is currently battling drug addiction in rehab.

“The only reason I’m trying to get clean is because I love her so much.”

Pals now fear that he will return to drugs – while his management must fear a more rapid return to obscurity…’

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